I Don’t Want to Grow Up…

…except really, I think I do. I’ve always hated the idea of getting older. Not that I was scared of an actual age, but as time flies, the feeling that you can stop and enjoy… View Post

The Land of Disappearing Words

So… Welcome. The last post, the last words from me, you’ll see here say “Hello 2018!” Ha! I thought I might should explain myself. As many people do, I’ve gone through something. A change. A… View Post

Imagine it…

“A year from now you will be glad you started today!” Here we are at the end of a year. How many of us are thinking about all of the things that we wanted to… View Post

It’s a Journey…

So…………..I’m about to share the most embarrassing photos I have ever shared in my LIFE! 🙈 BUT – I am so proud of my results and just have to share! I know that when you… View Post

My Coolsculpting Experience

It was a day I waited for since BEFORE I had my son! I couldn’t wait to experience Coolsculpting in hopes of zapping away all of the ‘extra’ I was left with after pregnancy. The… View Post