Bootcamp is coming…

Bootcamp is coming…

Just in time! I love a fresh start. After summer is one of those times. As much as I hate to see it go, routine sets back in which makes my personality very happy! haha. Just in time for routine to be full swing in our lives again, bootcamp will begin!

It is now open for registration and will begin on September 10th! I can’t wait to work with you to take control of your health and your body! We will do an 8 week bootcamp together to get moving, loose some fat, and build a community of people with the same goals to help encourage you along!

I am here for any questions you have! You can get the details and sign up here : BOOTCAMP SIGN UP!

PLUS – everyone that completes the 8 weeks will get a FREE Bootcamp Muscle Tee or Tshirt so you can rep all of your hard work!

After you register I’ll send you some info and tips to get you all ready to go!

Let’s do it!

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