Imagine it…

Imagine it…

“A year from now you will be glad you started today!”

Here we are at the end of a year. How many of us are thinking about all of the things that we wanted to accomplish or change this year and failed to complete? It’s always a joke at the gym at the beginning of each year about how busy it’s going to get for the next few months. What if THIS was the year the gym stayed busy all year because we stuck with our goals??

Every year, there is some way that I want to be better. Sometimes I have to make the same goal two years in a row because it didn’t happen. Other years, I conquer one goal to reveal another. We will always have some way that we need to grow. However, when I noticed the most progress in my new year goals, it was when I began thinking of them differently. Not just as a ‘resolution,’ but as a life change commitment.

So when thinking of your goals for the new year, maybe these tips will help:

1. Think Big Picture

A goal you will stick with can’t just be a flippant ‘want.’ It needs to have depth and purpose. For example, you don’t begin the year wanting to go on a diet to loose X amount of pounds and stick with it. You think of the ways you want your life to be healthier and the reasons why for it to make an impact on the way you’ll think about the coming year.

2. Think Commitment

If we make a simple list of new year resolutions, they’re likely to be a list that just fades into the distance as January turns into June. But if we take our ‘why’ from step one, and make a commitment to ourselves, or our family, or the Lord, we are much more likely to keep it on the front of our minds.

3. Think Life Change

A goal we make on January 1st that will actually make a difference in our lives won’t be a simple check box. It’s likely to require a lifestyle change. Whether it has to do with health, family, finances, or spiritual life, there are no simple changes that will make an impact. Even a seemingly simple goal will require sacrifice and commitment.

One of my goals is to read more. That sounds easy…just pick up a book. But in reality, it will require me to totally change the way I allocate the time in my day. It will always have to go back to step 1. Why do I want to read more? Then I’ll need to commit to that reason, and change my lifestyle to fit that goal.

All goals are achievable! We just have to commit to them and make them happen. Just imagine what next January will feel like when you can see that you’ve achieved your goals for the year. You can do it! “A year from now you will be so glad you started today!”

Jen Matthews



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