I am deeply in love with Jesus, my husband, and my son, in that order. I love the whole rest of the world too but at a solid fourth place.

My husband is the amazing Brandon Matthews and is the only grown up that makes life worth living. My very best friend, lover, and soulmate. I never thought I would be able to love a person like I love him. We are the perfect team so watch out!

Asher is our little one and he loves life and has the biggest heart! He withholds his approval for when he means it, but he loves people big. I love watching this little world changer grow up!

We co-pastor Cultivate Church along with our best friends, Brandon and Danielle Doss. I am the worship and creative arts pastor and believe it’s my mission to make room for people to do what makes them come alive! It is the best feeling to live for something so much bigger than yourself!

My words here are hopefully some version of a means to encourage and empower people around me. I believe every single person has something truly incredible to offer, and I want you to believe that about yourself!

This blog started because I feel like you have a responsibility to be a good steward of your story and it turned out, I felt that it was time to begin sharing mine. Who knows  where we go from here!

All I know is that YOU’RE awesome and we can do a lot more together than we can alone!