I am Jen!

I am driven by helping others be the best version of themselves in any way I can! I believe 100% that if you feel good about yourself (and feel good in general!) you will get so much more out of life! Living with insecurities and limitations is for the birds. You were created to be AWESOME!

“You did not wake up today to be mediocre.”

Living a healthy life so you’re not held back by physical limitations, and feeling good about yourself so you’re not held back by insecurities is EVERYTHING! Life can be so amazing if you just feel free to attack it with all of the confidence!


I enjoy fitness beyond just being healthy. So yes, I push for more. I like seeing the body change and develop. I like challenging myself. I love it! BUT – that is called a hobby! And if it’s a hobby for you too, let’s do it together!

But health, on the other hand, will look different for each one of us. And that is what I am relentless about! I want you to live your best life and you won’t be able to do that if you are constantly sick or run down. I will never push you to certain size. I will never make you feel like you should have goals to look a certain way. But I WILL push you to be your best self! You owe it to yourself to live your best life. Knowing how many health benefits there are to exercise, how could you let yourself suffer?

Diabetes, heart disease, cholesterol, joint pain, frail bones, skin health, just some of the things that improve or are prevented by exercise! Not working like a dog and killing yourself working out, just doing a moderate amount of exercise each week! I have always felt that if I’m going to live to be old, I want to be able to enjoy my old age! I want to play with grand kids one day. I want to be active and not confined to a bed or walker. That starts now with taking care of your body!


I feel like you work hard so that you can ENJOY life. Not INSTEAD of enjoying life! So I teach moderation. There is always room in my diet and workout regimen for “breaks” or “treats.” Yes, I could be 10% body fat by making a few tweaks to my diet. But do I want to give up enjoying moments I feel like your life should revolve around moments. If you have a chance to enjoy the company of great friends or family and want to have a treat meal, you should know that you’ve put in good work so you can enjoy your moment with no guilt! The harder you work, the less crazy those moments even want to be!



I am deeply in love with Jesus, my husband, and my son, in that order. I love the whole rest of the world too but at a good solid fourth place.

My husband is the amazing Brandon Matthews and is the only grown up that makes life worth living. My very best friend, lover, and soulmate. I never thought I would be able to love a person like I love him. We are the perfect team so watch out!

Asher is our little one and he loves playing drums and going to the gym with us! I love watching this little world changer grow up.

We co-pastor Cultivate Church along with our best friends. I am the worship and creative arts pastor there. It is the best feeling to live for something so much bigger than yourself!