My Coolsculpting Experience

My Coolsculpting Experience

It was a day I waited for since BEFORE I had my son! I couldn’t wait to experience Coolsculpting in hopes of zapping away all of the ‘extra’ I was left with after pregnancy. The internet said I needed to be about 4-6 months postpartum before Coolsculpting so I waited (not so patiently) for when I was able to schedule.


The day had come. I held off on sharing my experience until I had reached maximum results from the treatment. So here we go!

Petro Coolsculpting

I had my Coolsculpting treatment LIVE at an event at Petro Facial Plastic Surgery. I had NO idea how uncomfortable it would be to have people staring at me, but it’s all good. ha. I lived. I feel like everyone’s experience is a little different depending on your particular sensitivities, but for me, the treatment itself wasn’t bad at all.

They start by measuring and marking where the Coolsculpting handpiece will need to be placed to get the best results. (There are different sizes and options to tailor it to each person.) Then they get you comfy on the bed, all bundled up, then attach the hand piece and it’s a go!

For me, there were 4 treatments on the abdomen. During the treatment, I mostly stayed on my phone and answered questions to the people wandering the event. They have Netflix at your fingertips if you prefer! So easy! After you sit with the machine for the allotted amount of time, it’s removed and the fun part begins…

They have to massage the treated area for 2 minutes to break up the crystallized fat and that is noooooot so fun. It doesn’t really hurt, but it is quite uncomfortable. Then there was a weird sensation as the area warmed back up. But once the massage was done, I was fine! On to the next area.


When all 4 treatments were completed, I dressed and was good to go! For me, the area was tingly like when your foot is asleep, but not sore. Here’s how the following days went…

Next day – Very sore. Swollen 1.5 inches, and I had a couple of small bruises.

2 days out – Still swollen and sore. Not so sore to keep me from doing anything. Didn’t need any pain medicine or anything. Definitely wearing loose clothing due to soreness thought.

3 days out – Still sore and swollen. Tried to wear jeans – BAD idea. Still stretchy pants because of pain.

4 days out – Swelling is down! Back to original size. Still sore and has a weird numb feeling, but not painful.

5 days out – Back to normal! Now just to wait for results….



Yeah, it felt like FOREVER!

Then overnight…a change! (I was measuring obsessively so I KNOW it was overnight! haha) At 3 weeks out I lost a half inch! I was so excited because it seemed so early on, knowing that the full results are expected by 3 months out. Then by 10 weeks out I was down another half inch! Whoo!

But then it was done. Now – an inch is awesome! But not what I had hoped for, so it did motivate me to get my butt in gear. I started a very strict diet and a very intense workout plan.

So – all in all I have mixed feelings. Mostly because I thought it would be magic and I would be substantially smaller after. BUT – an inch is a big deal! And the motivation to try harder from seeing change is equally as huge.

I sure don’t know of any other way that I could have lost an INCH with no work, no surgery, and no downtime.

Jen Matthews

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