When I think about this little boy it’s hard to think past the struggle. It was a struggle to get pregnant. It was a struggle to be pregnant at the end. It was a struggle… View Post

For our coming roommate…

We’re coming up on a year in our house! Time flies! I still feel like there is so much to do but I’m starting to put a lot of finishing touches here in there in… View Post

Picture Day

Today was our first ultrasound! I feel like I am free to be all of the way excited now! We know that everything is healthy and progressing as it should. It was too early to… View Post

Thoughts From Day 1

Well, today was a big day! All of the prayers and thoughts and cries and hugs and everything that has happened leading up to this day became worth it. We’re pregnant. We’re pregnant! It’s a… View Post

Our Little Pumpkins

Words can not express how humbled and in awe I am of the amount of people that have rallied behind us for baby Matthews! We have been prayed for, fasted for, encouraged, cried for, hugged,… View Post