Meet Jen

WHO I am and WHAT I do

I am Jen.

Everything I do and love centers around creativity and beauty in one way or another.

Worship + Creative Pastor // Cultivate Church
Makeup Artist // Porcelain + Pink
Graphic Design // right here 🙂


My husband, our two best friends, and I started Cultivated Church in 2012 in Alabaster, AL through the Association of Related Churches (ARC). It has been an amazing and difficult and fulfilling, and tormenting, and irreplaceable journey!

I love being a part of helping people experience Jesus. Everyone isn’t moved by music, but for those who are, there’s nothing more powerful. To be able to take a passion for Jesus and share it through song is something I feel so blessed to be able to do. I’ve been through life without Jesus, and now am living life with Jesus. Knowing the difference, I want others to be able to experience life with Him too!


I love design because I get to work with different personalities to bring an idea to life. Whether it’s an event, a brand, a staging concept, or a home, I love working to make life a beautiful place. You should enjoy every space you have control of to make life more enjoyable!

Check our some of my work and HIRE ME.


For the same reason, I take value in health and beauty. It makes you feel good as a person so you can enjoy life more. Taking care of yourself and looking good brings confidence and when you feel confident, you perform at your best! I take even more value in helping other people find their health and beauty because a lot of people that feel good about themselves is way better than me feeling good all alone.


I am deeply in love with Jesus, my husband, and my son, in that order. I love the whole rest of the world too but at a good solid fourth place.

My dream is to live on a farm with goats and such, and one day we will. 🙂 I LOVE bunnies and will always have one. Banjo is my current love and is a summer baby from 2013. My other love is our Cocker named Charlie. Precious. All I got to say about that. He was born back in October of 2005.

My husband is the amazing Brandon Matthews and is the only grown up that makes life worth living. My very best friend, lover, and soulmate. I never thought I would be able to love a person like I love him. We are the perfect team so watch out!

We just welcomed our first kiddo into the world in May of 2016 and it has been LIFE CHANGING to say the least. It’s a long story and you can find it on the blog. I can’t wait to see this little world changer grow up.

Let’s create something together!

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