The Land of Disappearing Words

The Land of Disappearing Words

So… Welcome. The last post, the last words from me, you’ll see here say “Hello 2018!” Ha! I thought I might should explain myself.

As many people do, I’ve gone through something. A change. A transformation. A realization. A revolution, if you will.

Once upon a time I felt like I really had something to say. Something powerful. Something that would help people. Move people and challenge their faith.

Then the climax of that moment came and went, and I let myself fall into the day to day of not listening to the voice inside of me. The voice that still had something powerful to say. Something valuable to share.

I fell into the all too common practice of letting life happen around me instead of making things happen in front of me.

Well it’s time to make up for lost time!

I do have a voice and I do have something to share so let’s get to it! Consider this my reset button. This begins a new chapter. A new DECADE.

I believe in the deepest part of me that God is going to do something incredible this year. Not just in me. Not just in my church or my world. But in the whole of Christ followers.

I can’t tell you how excited I am to see it all happen. So as a reference for a new chapter…

This is me. This is my family. My world. And we’re taking 2020 by storm. But not alone. Let’s go!


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