This Mother’s Day

This Mother’s Day

Being a mom…

We’re a year into this and I don’t have it figured out. It appears that that will be the case for life, which makes me feel better about this past year. haha.

This year has not been one without battles and tears and depression and doubt. But it has also been full of laughs and hugs, joy and kisses, and so much discovery.

This Mother’s Day is full of victory. But Mother’s Day last year, I was blown up with fluid from preeclampsia, on bed rest, waiting on Asher to burst full-force in to the world. The Mother’s Day prior to that I had just received devastating news that we were not pregnant with the child we had prayed and prayed for.

We (everyone. all of us.) are on a journey. The ups and downs are unreal. They always will be. The better we’re doing, the harder the ‘downs’ hit. The more often they seem to come. But the trick and test is letting your mind look up. Letting your heart not remain in the shadow.

This year I have witnessed some of the strongest women. Through my story of infertility I have heard the stories and hearts of so many others on that same journey. My heart naturally clings to the ones that are still waiting. But I have had my heart opened to so many other journeys this year. Friends experiencing their first Mother’s Day without their mother. Friends whose biological mother is not a mother at all.

As great as Mother’s Day can be for one, it can be equally painful for another.

So in this I’m reminded that it takes a village. No one is meant to do life alone. Live through your heart. Mother those that need mothers. Love those that are waiting. And if you’ve been blessed with children, love them like there’s no tomorrow.

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