Time to Grow…

Time to Grow…

Truth: who I once was and who I am now are very different.

At one point of my life this was the best statement ever! (And that transformation still is! That would be when I fell in love with Jesus) But this transformation is not my favorite. I have never liked being able to look back on a better me. I always want to be getting better. We’re all either growing, dying, or stagnant and I always want to be found growing.

On one hand, I have continued growing and bettering myself. I have been growing as a leader. As a pastor. As a wife and mother. As a designer, a singer, as a friend. On another hand, I have been failing slowly. In a word…discipline. As a person, I have let discipline slide slowly but dramatically.

When we started the invitro process (FOREVER ago now), one of the ways it got to me that stuck around was how I discipline my body and my health. When I felt the depression of the situation we were walking through, it stopped me in my tracks in many ways. I have grown through most of that, but the lingering, and very difficult part that is left is my health.

Time in the gym is something I do ‘if I have time.’ Like it’s a luxury, where it used to be a necessity. Why necessity? Because being healthy in our old age so we can continue a great quality of life is something that Brandon and I have held as very important. We look up to older people that still get around and stay active. I mean, Cher is 71 and just performed at the Billboard awards! Come on! That doesn’t come from eating whatever you want and letting your health not be a priority.

One thing I know is that every part of our lives is connected. Which pains me to think about where I might be in life right now had I kept disciplined for these past 2 years. Yes, I feel like I’ve been growing in other areas. But how much more if I felt good about myself and was practicing discipline in every area?

So…today is my day 1. That doesn’t mean I’ll be perfect starting today. Probably not even really great. But I will be better. Then on day 2 I’ll be even better. I know WHAT to do. (Most of us do.) The trick is doing it…

What could you improve to be your best ever? Do yourself a solid and tackle something. It’s time to GROW. (Because it’s always time to grow.) Decide on your day 1 and just start.

Like, decide right now and start.


PS…Victory number 1: I have donuts EVERYWHERE from Asher’s birthday party and I chose this for lunch (nevermind the paper plate. haha)…

Egg whites with spinach and feta, fresh strawberries, cafe au lait with vanilla brewed coffee and warm vanilla soy milk. Score.

Jen Matthews brunch

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