The Land of Disappearing Words

So… Welcome. The last post, the last words from me, you’ll see here say “Hello 2018!” Ha! I thought I might should explain myself. As many people do, I’ve gone through something. A change. A… View Post

Imagine it…

“A year from now you will be glad you started today!” Here we are at the end of a year. How many of us are thinking about all of the things that we wanted to… View Post

It’s a Journey…

So…………..I’m about to share the most embarrassing photos I have ever shared in my LIFE! 🙈 BUT – I am so proud of my results and just have to share! I know that when you… View Post

My Coolsculpting Experience

It was a day I waited for since BEFORE I had my son! I couldn’t wait to experience Coolsculpting in hopes of zapping away all of the ‘extra’ I was left with after pregnancy. The… View Post

Monochrome 1st Birthday Party

As soon as I started thinking about Asher’s first birthday, I knew exactly what the party would look like. I love the monochrome look, especially for the nursery, so it was no guess where I… View Post